Contributing Guide

This project was created using temple. For more information about temple, go to the Temple docs.


Set up your development environment with:

git clone
cd django-pgclone
make setup

make setup will setup python managed by pyenv and install dependencies using poetry.

Testing and Validation

Run the tests with:

make test

Validate the code with:

make lint

Run automated code formatting with:

make format


Sphinx documentation can be built with:

make docs

The static HTML files are stored in the docs/_build/html directory. A shortcut for opening them (on OSX) is:

make open_docs

Releases and Versioning

Anything that is merged into the master branch will be automatically deployed to PyPI. Documentation will be published to a ReadTheDocs website at

The following files will be generated and should not be edited by a user:

  • - Contains an automatically-generated change log for each release.

This project uses Semantic Versioning by analyzing Type: trailers on git commit messages (trailers are added when using git tidy-commit). In order to bump the minor version, use “feature” or “bug” as the type. In order to bump the major version, use “api-break”. The patch version will be updated automatically if none of these tags are present.