pgclone.dump(exclude_models=None, dump_config_name=None, pre_dump_hooks=None)[source]

Dumps a database copy

Output location for the dump is determined by settings.PGCLONE_STORAGE_LOCATION

  • exclude_models (List[str], default=None) – The models to exclude when dumping the database.

  • dump_config_name (str, default=None) – The dump configuration name from settings.PGCLONE_DUMP_CONFIGS. Defaults to default

  • pre_dump_hooks (List[str], default=None) – A list of management command names to run before dumping the database.


The dump key associated with the database dump.

Return type

str, only_db_names=False, local=False)[source]

Lists dump keys.

  • db_name (str, default=None) – List dump keys only for this database name

  • only_db_names (boolean, default=False) – Lists only the unique database names associated with the dump keys

  • local (bool, default=False) – Only list local restore keys.


The list of dump keys (or database names).

Return type


pgclone.restore(db_name_or_dump_key, pre_swap_hooks=None, restore_config_name=None, reversible=False)[source]

Restores a database dump

  • db_name_or_dump_key (str) – When a database name is provided, finds the most recent dump for that database and restores it. Restores a specific dump when a dump key is provided.

  • pre_swap_hooks (List[str], default=None) – The list of pre_swap hooks to run before swapping the temp restore database with the main database. The strings are management command names.

  • restore_config_name (str, default=None) – The name of the restore config to use when running the restore. Configured in settings.PGCLONE_RESTORE_CONFIGS


The dump key that was restored.

Return type